mega Systems, LLC


Setting the Recruiting Standards


Omega Systems, LLC welcomes the opportunity to assist you in identifying and obtaining new career challenging positions.

As a contingent recruiter, our client companies pay our fees. Therefore, our services to you are provided FREE. To determine our ability to assist you in your career search endeavors, we ask you to answer the following questions.

I have graduated from a four-year accredited college or university and hold a BS or BA degree or am an enlisted military professional with a technical designator.


I have at least two years of full time employment experience or military service.


I have been working in the high tech, technical or industrial markets or am a Junior Military Officer or enlisted military professional leaving Active duty within the next 90 days.


I have a track record of exceeding goals and objectives and rank above my contemporaries.

If you responded YES to ALL OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS then we believe that we can assist in your career search. Please click on the submit link above to send us your resume.